Forex Research & Analysis Labs

The foundations of our work start with the basics: Research & Analysis.

Forex Analysis

Our Research and Analysis teams represent "the core" of our business. Our extensive research of the Forex markets, meticulous study of historical data, market conditions, and forecasting models, provide the perfect incubating conditions for the development of our trading strategies. Testing against past, present, and forecasted market conditions, we expose our strategies to the harshest environments we can create. Only after extensive testing and simulation, can our strategies move to the next level in our development process.

We don't believe technical analysis -as thorough as it can be- is a comprehensive enough approach; we analyze both the fundamental and economic conditions and include them as a core part of our research and analysis for each currency pair.

Our main attention focuses on the following instruments:

  • Selected commodities
  • Forex Robotics and Automation

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