At TechStar FX we understand:

"...a quality strategy, requires quality time..."

We thrive in a fast-paced, demanding, data-driven environment, but above all, our focus is: results.

  • Quantitaive Research
  • Big Data Management
  • Strategy Research & Development
  • Systematic Trading
  • Automation and Application Development

  • Trading Strategies are our main assets, and we treat them with the respect they deserve. Our team analyzes the trading data of major financial institutions and creates customized trading strategies using a variety of market simulators, strategy testing hybrid systems, and performance measurement tools.

    A brilliant concept,
    is nothing without execution.

    A focused team,
    has exponential worth.

    Research and Analysis,
    are the most powerful tools.

    At TechStar FX, we help you put all the necessary resources in order for you to create your own winning trading strategy. Harnessing every asset at our dispossal, applying our knowledge and experience, and using the latest technologies, provides the basic ingredients for success.

    Forex Research Labs

    The thoroughness of our research and analysis is the secret of our success. Extensive and profound study of the markets and its conditions is what molds our strategies from mere "concepts" to "functional applications".

    Forex Robotics & Automation

    Automating a Trading Strategy requires a completely different set of skills in order to bring it to life. This is where our robotics team comes in. Writing thousands lines of code, ensuring a faithful reproduction of our strategies and harmonious operations with the target platforms.

    Forex Strategy Automation Cycle

    Technical Analysis

    We expose our strategies to thousands of different market scenarios, studying every technical aspect going back decades of historical data, adapting our money management and risk management strategies, constantly iterating and fine tuning our meticulously selected strategies.

    Fundamental Analysis

    We believe technical analysis -as thorough as it can be- is not a comprehensive enough approach; we analyze the fundamental and economic conditions and include them as a core part of our research and analysis on a "per currency pair" specific set of criteria.


    Our teams thrive on transforming "Forex Strategies", into "Automated and Fully Customizable Forex Strategies". At our Development Labs, we know a quality strategy requires quality time.


    We go through thousands of testing hours before our strategies get to see the light of day. Working in close collaboration with our partners, we test our robots in strict accordance to the agreed requirements ensuring the designed execution.

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